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For Cooling High-power LED Street Lamp Luminaires

Edit: Shenzhen YOLA Technologies Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 27, 2015

Its purpose is solution power LED lamps thermal problem, proposed a air on diaspora hot type power LED street lamps, it including has lamp component, and lamps thermal body component and lamp tail component, lamps thermal body component for arc string column shaped shell body, ends opening, its arc column surface sides surface for State surface, State surface also open has array column pass hole, in arc string column shaped shell body cavity has 4~10 article axis to arranged of and and ARC column surface chords column surface solid received State reinforced thermal conductivity Board, Stud-conducting plate arc string-shaped shell and two on either side of the facade open arrays through hole, Stud-conducting plate arc string-shaped shell and two facade lighting on both sides of the heat sink assembly form 5~11 hot air flow in cooling channel. Advantage of cooling the body cavity of the utility has a number of thermal air flow cooling channel, Stud-conducting plate also acts as a heat sink, and heat exchange surfaces increased heat emission and high efficiency.

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